Smart solutions for industry and the city.
Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Our services

We offer and create IoT devices that are designed for harsh conditions. We are also a reseller of smart industrial products by our partners.

Product and software development, including the creation of mobile applications.

The integration of various IT systems, databases and user applications into a single complete solution or for interfacing with Superhands devices.

Solutions for analytics, machine vision, data visualization.

We advise existing and potential clients on product and software development and industrial digitalization.

Examples of our solutions

SuperSpot Environment

A multifunctional device with short transmission time interval

SuperSpot Weather

Mini-weather station for monitoring environmental parameters

SuperSpot Industrial

An industrial device that can be integrated with client-specific systems

From our clients

“The Superhands Narrowband IoT technology solution is secure, with low enough energy consumption and wide enough coverage to transmit necessary data even inside the deep woods.”

Margus Vaino
Head of Business Client Unit, Elisa

In cooperation with Elisa, Superhands protects millions of tree seedlings from overnight frost, and informs the State Forest Management Centre’s (RMK) employees about the air temperature around the seedlings, in real time.


As developers of technology and smart solutions, we help companies develop and implement IoT solutions. We also create new products, perform tests and assemble equipment. We are partnered with automation specialists and software developers.

IoT specialists for your business

We focus on solutions that bring real benefits and growth to your business.

  • Experienced team
  • Diverse and international client base
  • Flexible solutions
  • Located in Tallinn, Estonia

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Enterprise Estonia Innovation Voucher

"Intellectual property protection of wireless road sensor and related support technologies"

Project no: 2014-2020.4.04.21-1945

Enterprise Estonia Innovation Voucher support in sum of  4530,88 euros was provided for analysis of protectability and Freedom to Operate of Superhands OÜ wireless road sensor technologies. Project concluded with filing an patent application to European Patent Office. Project was funded by European Regional Development Fund.