Smart manufacturing ja city solutions. Internet of Things technology

What do we offer

Offering and helping to develop IoT devices for harsh environments and providing our partners products for Smart Manufacturing.

Product and software, including mobile application development.

Different IT system, database and user application integrations. Providing linkage to Superhands devices.

Analytics solutions, machine vision, data visualization.

Consulting existing and new customers at product and software development and digitalization topics.

Examples of our solutions

SuperSpot Environment

SuperSpot delivers indoor or outdoor climate data to Superhands data visualization tools or to partner system to increase synergy between different platforms.

SuperSpot Agri

SuperSpot Agri is sensor and connectivity system delivering data with key importance for Agricultural sector. Usage of Narrowband-IoT connectivity extremely simplifies setup and deployment of the solutions.

Device is tested and designed to work at harsh outdoor environment. Standard setup consists of soil and air temperature+humidity readings.

SuperSpot Industrial

SuperSpot Industrial is a Connectivity Unit for utilities or manufacturing sector. While equipping the connectivity unit with different industrial sensors or connect to meters over Modbus RTU, we can deliver the performance data to smartphone or client servers.

Clients tell

Technology and Smart Solutions provider Superhands together with Elisaga enables protection of millions of RMK (State Forest Management Centre) plants from frost, by notifying RMK employees regarding air temperature changes at seedlings and plants.

„Solution based on Narrowband IoT technology is secure, low power consumption and with good reach, to deliver data from even the deepest of forests,“

Margus Vaino
Elisa - Manager of Business Client Unit

  • Usage of Narrowband technology
  • Deployment of devices
  • Software and hardware development
  • Visualization and notifications to phone


We help companies to develop and implement new IoT solutions. In addition to development of our solutions, we provide also different support functions. Our partner network includes different manufacturing, automation and digitalization experts and developers.

IoT experts to your company

We help to boost your business by delivering missing data

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  • Experienced team
  • International clients
  • Located at Tallinn, Estonia
  • Helping your company to grow

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