An example of a solution we have created

Superhands solar park management solution

The Superhands solar park management solution enables renewable energy producers, technicians and site owners to monitor the condition and productivity of all parks from a single platform. The solution is suitable for displaying, analyzing and controlling data from inverters, meters and sensors by various manufacturers. In addition to visualization, Elering's AVP interface is also connected to the platform, and analytics options will be added in the future as well.

Suitable for different user groups

  • Manager's view – an overview of the general condition of all parks and key technical and financial parameters.
  • Technician’s view – technical details of a specific park (voltages, frequencies, powers, alarms and error codes).
  • Owner's view – a general overview of the condition, productivity and finances of the park.

Analytics solution based on machine learning

  • Business side – productivity analysis and comparisons (between different parks of the same client and also with the general market level), efficiency of production through planning of activities and precise tuning of parks, additional possibilities for reporting to insurance institutions.
  • Technical side – prevention of failures, more detailed analysis of errors (helps the technician to take the right tools, when driving to the site, and planning works in advance), setting up and tuning of parks.

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