IoT devices

Devices at SuperSpot product family are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

SuperSpot Agri

Ground temperature and humidity sensor

SuperSpot Agri is created for modern agricultural companies in order to help them acquire better overview of soil and ambient temperature and humidity. This data enables better and accurate planning with increased efficiency.

Device posts data to cloud server once in every 10 minutes. Data visualization easily reachable from different smart devices. SuperSpot Agri is designed to work at harsh outdoor environment and device battery can last up to 5 years.

SuperSpot Environment

Multifunctional climate sensor

SuperSpot Environment device activation and data visualization is reachable by swiping at the device using smartphone. SuperSpot transmits ambient climate data to cloud server. This data is possible to pipe towards different partner databases to link with other data sources and provide additional value to customers.

SuperSpot measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and optionally air quality or CO2 levels. Device can operate up to 5 years.

SuperSpot Industrial

Product that delivers data from industrial devices and meters

SuperSpot Industrial is device that can be used to deliver production parameters, production output or data from different metering devices. Connection to meters and devices are done by Modbus RTU (RS485) interface. Device is intended to be used at indoor environment.

Depending on the solution, device could be operating either on battery or from external power source.

Ease-of-Installation and Usage

Plug-and-Play solutions that can be linked with other systems

Long lasting and reliable technology

Low power consumption enabled by custom hardware and software design

Key principles while developing our solutions

Usage of carefully selected quality components and software optimation to achieve long product lifetime.

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