IoT Devices

SuperSpot Weather

Mini-weather station for monitoring environmental parameters

SuperSpot Weather is intended for use in agriculture and road maintenance.

The device measures soil temperature, soil humidity, air temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and precipitation. Every 10 minutes, the collected data is transferred to the cloud, which enables the convenient access and viewing of data from different devices.

SuperSpot Weather is designed for outdoor use and has a battery life of three years.

SuperSpot Environment

A multifunctional device with short transmission time interval

SuperSpot Environment measures air temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. Data and measurement results can be monitored on the SuperSpot web platform.

In addition, this data can be transferred to a client’s server and integrated with existing data visualization solutions.

There are versions for both indoor and outdoor use. The device operates on AA battery power for one year.

Read more about the SuperSpot Environment on our blog.

Sewio product family

Tags and anchors for positioning

Superhands is Sewio's representative in Estonia. Sewio offers products for real-time positioning of people, goods and vehicles. In addition to the hardware, we have everything you need for a complete solution, including data processing (visualization and analytics). The positioning solution can also be used during a COVID-19 emergency to monitor compliance with the 2 + 2 requirement, report working hours or analyze efficiency.

Sewio devices use UWB technology for positioning, which allows you to position tags spatially with an accuracy of a few centimeters.

SoilSpot and RoadSpot

A miniature wireless device for measuring soil temperature and humidity

SuperSpot and RoadSpot miniature wireless sensors are designed for use in circumstances where it is necessary to collect data cost-effectively from a large number of measuring points, or in locations where the installation of wired sensors is difficult.

The sensors work autonomously with SuperSpot Agri or Superhands mini-weather stations. If necessary, the sensors can also be interfaced with smart devices.

The sensors work autonomously with, for example, Superhands mini-weather stations. If necessary, the sensors can also be interfaced with smart devices.

SuperSpot Industrial

An industrial device that can be integrated with client-specific systems

SuperSpot Industrial measures the condition of various equipment or gets readings from meters, and transmits this data to a mobile device or the client’s server.

If you also have a Modbus-RTU interface, you can conveniently transfer data from devices and meters by different suppliers. In addition, the device can be used to monitor progress in the production process.

Our principles of product development

  • We only use high-quality components in our products
  • We design electronics with the most optimized software to ensure a long life for battery-powered devices
  • We create easy-to-install and easy-to-use solutions that are also convenient to manage with a smart device

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