SuperSpot Environment – CO2 sensor

Wireless sensor for measuring CO2 levels with online data monitoring

In the light of the Coronavirus crisis the question of ventilation in buildings (e.g. schools and kindergartens) and, consequently, the need to monitor the CO2 levels of rooms has become topical. Superhands has been developing a mobile wireless CO2 sensor with web-based data tracking capabilities for a while. Now, the new device is ready!

The device operates independently without an external base station and is easy to set up. In addition to measuring the CO2 level, the device has some other functions.

Device functions

  • Measurement of the calibrated CO2 level
  • Air temperature measurement
  • Humidity measurement

Device’s features

  • Automatic measurement at 10 minutes intervals
  • A light signal is displayed when the CO2 level limit is exceeded
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Easy installation
  • Powered by two replaceable AA batteries, the device operates on battery power for one year

Monitoring of measurement results

Measurement results can be monitored online via the SuperSpot web platform, where clients can easily and securely monitor and configure all their sensors.

Web platform features

  • Quick view of the latest measurement results
  • Graphic display of measurement results
  • Data export to Excel or as an image
  • Distinguishing sensors by name and location
  • User-based management
  • Notifications


  • The one-time purchase price of an individual device is 150 euros (+VAT).
  • A monthly service fee of 10 euros (+VAT) per device is added to the device redemption fee.
    The service fee includes the cost for communication service, web platform usage, active support, and notifications.
  • In the case of the bulk purchase of devices the prices are negotiable!


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