Smart City

The Superhands devices and NB-IoT communication solution enables the implementation of various smart city projects. For example, our solutions can be used to map the movement of people, vehicles or goods and to monitor important weather and/or environmental parameters.
Due to the specifics of NB-IoT, our solutions can also be used far away from densely populated areas, without WiFi or a constant power supply. That’s why we often call them Smart Village solutions.

Superhands has created innovative, compact and maintenance-free mini-weather stations that enable a vast collection of local weather data, for a competitive price. Data from weather stations can be used for creating weather forecasts and overviews that help to respond more quickly to changes. This is particularly useful for agriculture, where accurate weather monitoring can increase yields and reduce costs.

We cooperate with the innovative Estonian company eAgronom in the field of grain growing. Combining our weather stations with their IT solution creates synergy, which adds extra value for the end user and makes the use of the whole solution much more convenient.
We offer Superhands products for tracking the movement of people, vehicles and goods in a map application, or help to develop a client-specific location tracking device.

Our various Bluetooth, RFID and UWB technologies can be used to track people, goods and inventory on a fixed area (such as a production hall or warehouse).

In addition to the device and core technology, we can also offer a complete solution (i.e. with an administrative platform, data visualization and analytic options).
We offer devices for counting traffic density (cars, people), monitoring road surface and soil parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity).
We also see possibilities to use our mini-weather stations in forestry (nurseries) and gardening (greenhouses). They can be used in greenhouses with our wireless sensors.

Miniature wireless sensors are designed for use in circumstances, where it is necessary to collect data cost-effectively from a large number of measuring points, or in locations where the installation of wired sensors is difficult.

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